Nutella Hummus

When the summer heat sets in the last thing you want is to cook over a hot stove. We wanted to come up with some easy, fun and healthy foods to cool down those hot summer days.










One of the concoctions we came up with, inspired by a friend of ours is Nutella Hummus. Nutella is a hazelnut spread. It tastes a little like chocolate with more of the consistency of peanut butter. Nutritionally speaking, Nutella has about the same fat and protein content as regular peanut butter brands do. For some people Nutella is too rich or the texture is too thick, so we found a way to add fiber and protein and give it a new texture. Here is our Head Chef Martin telling you how to make Nutella Hummus at home.

What do you think of our Nutella Hummus? What was your favorite dipping treat?